Virgin Mobile Perú

Packaging Design & Art Direction

In 2017, Virgin Mobile decided to launch its services in Perú.

Agency: FCB Mayo
Client: Virgin Mobile
Team: Gabriel Ramos, Yvan Mejia, Ricardo Ortiz
My Role: Art Director & Designer

In South America, teenagers used to add prepaid service in their smartphones because they cannot afford to pay bills every month, so they prefer to top-up their devices according to the use of it.
During our investigation, we found out that a high percentage of this target were unhappy with their telecom company. 7 in 10 teenagers had at least once, technical problems or extra charge inconveniences.

Betting to reach that segment, the marketing team was ready to disrupt the way of communicating.

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Show people that Virgin Mobile´s customers can enjoy their smartphone without being scared of unexpected surprises in the next days.
To prove our vision we redesigned the way Virgin Mobile sells their Sim Cards.

Fabrication & Materials:

In order to reproduce the look in feel of a preservative, we had to work with specific materials.

Customized Printing Plastic Wrap + Aluminum Foil – more details
Pantone Printed label – more details
Heat Sealer – more details
Printed Sim Card – more details
Sim Cards – how it works

Ads & Posters:

For the launch campaign, we created a series of posters with disruptive and rebel soul and the rock & roll concert style to announce that a new company focus on young adults is coming to play.