Asteroid Mission Game

A Star Trek minigame coded in processing.

About the Project

Star Trek_ Asteroid Mission was one of my assignments of the master in Digital Fabrication and Media at IED Madrid. The brief was to apply our learnings in Processing code into a minigame.

My role: Programmer & Graphic Designer

The Game

Asteroids Mission is a game that happens during the adventures of Captain Kirk and Spock in the Enterprise spaceship traveling through the galaxy.

During their journey, they faced the strong gravity field power of a black hole pulling them against an asteroids storm.

In order to survive, you have to avoid the collision during the shield activation time.


The game was designed for desktop players. However I decided to use a vertical canvas (600×980) in order to let users play the game as a side screen, so they can play during the work time-out.

Click on the video to watch the structured navigation of the game developed with Processing.

Softwares used:

To create this minigame I mainly use Processing software to code, Photoshop to create the artworks, FontSpace to download typography, Gettyimage for pictures and OpenProcessing to upload the code. – Free Download – Download my code
Star Trek free font – Final Frontier Old Style ttf
Paragraph free font – Courier New ttf
Gettyimage Explosion 01 – download link
Gettyimage Explosion 02 – download link
Gettyimage Smoke 03 – download link
Gettyimage Breaking 04 – download link