UX Design & website

FENAMAD is the Federation of Madre de Dios that represents the native tribes of the Amazon rainforest. The organization protects and fights for the rights of the natives and defends the forest against deforestation.

Agency: FCB Mayo
Role: UX Director

The brief:

USAID asked the agency to redesign FENAMAD´s blog and also
help them to show their content in a better way.

_New identity

Before starting sketching wireframes and sitemap, we had to understand the brand and everything that they represent for the natives and for the Amazon. Dive into their universe was incredible and help us to develop a unique visual identity.


_Color Palette


During the investigation about the different native tribes, we realize that they have unique patterns that represent their culture and religions. We found in them a strong opportunity to enhance the key visual of the platform by vectorizing and simplifying their colors.

_New website

_Native tribes

We developed an interactive way to visualize the cultural content of the 7 different tribes that FENAMAD represents. Press play to see the navigation.


_Responsive design