Vulture Warn USAID

UX Design & Advertising

USAID is a government tool responsible to enhance the life quality in developing countries.

Agency: FCB Mayo
Client: USAID
My Role: UX Designer

After extensive research in Peru, USAID noticed that there are a lot of illegal dumping areas causing a massive increase in infectious diseases in the country.

We knew that more than fight to increase government investments to clean those areas, we need to educate people about the problem in order to try to change the behavior that was causing the problem. And this was our brief.


Vultures are the guardians of nature, they eat organic garbage every day, cleaning the environment with their own stomach. Their flights report dirty areas, no one could be better than them to teach human how to respect the environment. The storytelling for our campaign was flying every day in Lima´s sky.

Digital Experience:

We developed a digital platform with google maps and GPS technology connected to 10 vultures flying through different neighborhoods of Lima. Those vultures were captains of the city that invited Peruvians to report illegal trash areas in the city through our website.

Technology Used:

To create this platform we mixed different digital tools in order to track the vultures and show the data on the website.

GoPro Hero4 Session – more details
Snazzy Maps – Google maps CSS editable – more details
Spark Nano 7 GPS Tracker 4G – more details

Branded Content:

Each vulture became a digital character that was illustrated by Pietro Soldi. With their avatars, they communicate with users through the social media channel awarning about the trash and how to recycle.

Results & Awards:

Over 5,000 New Volunteers

25,000 Tons of Waste Collected

2,7 M Views on Youtube

Bronce – PR – Cannes Lions 2016

Shortlist – Media – Cannes Lions 2016

Shortlist – Innovation – OneShow 2017

Shortlist – UX – OneShow 2017

Gold – Branded Content – IAB Digi Awards 2016

Gold – Social Responsibility – IAB Digi Awards 2016

Gold – Best Digital Campaign – IAB Digi Awards 2016